100 Square Foot Living Cube Inside a Larger Space

Since I know you also probably like multi-functional furniture I wanted to show you this Living Cube designed by Till Könneker.
He took his sketches to Remo Zimmerli at www.holzlaborben.ch to further the design process.” – Alex

Photos by Rob Lewis

3 thoughts on “100 Square Foot Living Cube Inside a Larger Space”

  1. enjoy tiny house info, however pictures, plans and references offered could be cleared up and better clairfied! cutsy pictures and unclear comments are not healpful!!

  2. I really have to give my name....?

    I know this smaller stuff has been done, I saw a live out of it suitcase/trunk thing that was a set of plans produced by Popular Mechanics in the past for the Boy Mechanic book. Interesting that it’s still available as build it yourself. Reminded me of the complete kitchen idea that some campers used in their vehicles. The vehicle was used just for sleeping in.

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