2016 Straw Bale Workshop Dates and Locations Announced

If you like to get dirty and learn by doing, these straw bale workshops might be a perfect fit for you. But space fills up fast so hurry if you want to attend. Take advantage of sale pricing until December 4, 2016 too! See the Straw bale Workshop Schedule Now.

These are seven day comprehensive workshops designed to teach participants everything they need to know to build their own straw bale structure. The 2016 workshop schedule is:

  • Rogersville, Missouri (May 29-June 4)
  • Brownsville, California (July 10-16)
  • Corning, New York (July 24-30)
  • Seville, Ohio (August 14-20)
  • Whidbey Island, Washington (August 28-September 3)
  • Rosier, Oregon (September 18-24)
  • Brenham, Texas (October 9-15)

Specific topics covered in the construction of the structures are:

  • Toe Up Installation
  • Bale Stacking
  • Bale Re-Tying and Alteration
  • Window and Door Installation
  • Box Beam Construction and Installation
  • Framing Considerations
  • Electrical Work as Required
  • Plumbing Installations as Required
  • Hanging Cabinets
  • Tying in Interior Partition Walls
  • Shaping Bales and Corners
  • Creating Niches
  • Wire Mesh
  • Plaster Prep Work
  • Natural Plastering
  • Lectures and Q&A Sessions

The days are full and long. The team – which you’re apart of – work hard on the job site in the morning and then break for a leisurely lunch. Afternoons continue the hard work of the morning. Dinner and evening break is full of fun and play.  Although physical work is involved in building the structure, participants are encouraged to work at their own pace, since you know your limits and those limits are respected. The goal is to get as far as possible in the construction of the building. In most cases, they will not get beyond the scratch (first) coat of plaster.

Three hearty meals a day are provided as part of the tuition. The meals are delicious and filling. Workshop participants always seem amazed at the great food prepared by the hosts and make a point of thanking the kitchen crew for a wonderful week!

Camping is available on site for free and bathroom facilities are provided. A shower is available; however, the amount of hot water may be limited and the number of participants is high. Some workshop locations may have other accommodations available such as bed and breakfast rooms, cabins, or tipis. Those accommodations are issued on a first come first served basis and may or may not cost extra based on the workshop host/site.

Learn more about these Straw bale Workshops.

If you can’t attend a workshop but still want to learn take a look at their Straw bale Building DVDs.

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