275 Square Foot Cabin by Taylor Smyth Architects

Nestled into a slope on the southern shore of Lake Simcoe, this one room sleeping cabin is a simple but sophisticated Canadian bunkie, evoking the “primitive hut” of branches constructed in the wilderness.

The clients desired a private retreat from the main cottage further up the hill that would also enhance their enjoyment of the surrounding landscape in a location previously used to watch the sunset.” – ArchDaily

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Photos by: Ben Rahn/A-Frame Inc

3 thoughts on “275 Square Foot Cabin by Taylor Smyth Architects”

  1. Donna Lloyd Ryder

    Hi I was wondering how much it cost to buy all the materials needed to build this and how long it took to put it all together?
    I love the design
    Thank you

  2. I hope these owners realize how fortunate they are to use this structure as a ” retreat.” A million needy people would love to call this home.

  3. Needy people really want to live in an unheated room without a kitchen and an outdoor bathroom in Canada where the temperature is below 0 six months out of the year? You know some crazy needy people.

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