320 Sq.Ft. Prefab Shipping Container Home

Nova Deko made good use of the 29.7 m2 320 ft2 floor space, including a separate bedroom, three-piece bathroom with shower, large clothes and linen closets, a functional kitchen and a stacked clothes washer/dryer. The bedroom is just big enough for a double bed with room to walk around both sides.” – Small House Bliss

Read and see more of The Milan, a prefab shipping container home by Nova Deko Modular at Small House Bliss.

16 thoughts on “320 Sq.Ft. Prefab Shipping Container Home

  1. Gina says:

    So how much would it cost to ship to Indiana and have another container, same size, and just put 2 bedrooms in that one with an opening to connect to the other one lengthwise?

  2. Alex says:

    $4000 to build huh? Add another 0 to that and it would be somewhat believable… Aside from that extremely unrealistic figure, the unit is beautifully designed and built.

  3. shannoo says:

    Unless the outside is getting insulated youre losing alot of space inside.. and the floor also needs to be insulated.. in any cold climates

  4. Michael says:

    I would like your permission to use this pic as a design (only)type for veterans homes in my linkedin project group….ths …Michael

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