$489 Tiny House

They had no construction background and no money.But Amy Andrews and Ethan Van Kooten built a house. They came in over their budget of zero. They spent $489, less than some peoples monthly car payment. The Central College seniors built a 260-square-foot dwelling made of old hog feeders, grain bins, demolished buildings and other dusty piles of junk headed for the landfill.” – Desmoines Register

Read the story about How 2 Iowa college students built a home for $489. Photos via Desmoines Register.

8 thoughts on “$489 Tiny House”

  1. You are a very smart couple! Housing is such an expense when you are going to college and first starting out. I am so proud of you both!

  2. Great job of re-purposing materials! There are those that will scoff and turn their nose up at a project simply because it didn’t cost much. Get the last laugh. Take the money that you would normally have to spend on housing and put it into a retirement account every month. They won’t be scoffing when you get to quit work in your 40’s and start your new life! Congratulations!


  3. Marsha Cowan

    This had got to be truly one of the most amazing tiny house construction stories I have read so far. What a great job for only a few dollars! The house is beautiful and rustic and cozy. Great job, you two! Enjoy!

  4. Fantastic job Amy & Ethan. Nice way to upcycle materials. I’m not limber enough for the loft and need an indoor loo, but my great-grandma & grandma lived together like this in a slightly larger home in S. MN during my lifetime & it worked! They had electricity, but no running water. I remember when they got a gas cook stove! As you take pride in your handmade home, you now can take time to plan & dream of any changes and/or additions to this real piece of country charm. Congratulations!

  5. Rafael Toledo

    To Amy Andrews and Ethan Van Hooten. Very well done. I admire the both of you for your recycling capabilities.There,s so many folks that throw away many things that can be refurbish. One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Fantastic job.

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