A Cabin Built in Six Days for $6K

…we managed to erect a solid ~200 square foot cabin over 6 days of building. The project consumed ~40 working hours, 264 two-by-fours, 3,000 photos which add up to this time-lapse video and about $6,065.62 excluding the land we built on.” – Six Day Cabin

Read more about Six Day Cabin. I first saw this on Small & Tiny Home Ideas.

The Six Day Cabin from mac on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “A Cabin Built in Six Days for $6K”

  1. Love it!

    We would like to build a few of these on our property as guest cottages!

    Plans available?

    Holiday Happiness!

    1. Hi Shari. unfortunately we don’t have plans available. If you are interested in having our master builder William help out with a project feel free to reach out to me on twitter @_aaronflack


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