A Cabin Built in Six Days for $6K

…we managed to erect a solid ~200 square foot cabin over 6 days of building. The project consumed ~40 working hours, 264 two-by-fours, 3,000 photos which add up to this time-lapse video and about $6,065.62 excluding the land we built on.” – Six Day Cabin

Read more about Six Day Cabin. I first saw this on Small & Tiny Home Ideas.

The Six Day Cabin from mac on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “A Cabin Built in Six Days for $6K

  1. shari roten says:

    Love it!

    We would like to build a few of these on our property as guest cottages!

    Plans available?

    Holiday Happiness!

    • Aaron says:

      Hi Shari. unfortunately we don’t have plans available. If you are interested in having our master builder William help out with a project feel free to reach out to me on twitter @_aaronflack


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