A Retrofitted Rustic Bus Makeover

Long before the first Tumbleweed Tiny House rolled across Iowa there were folks living in converted busses and house trucks. Here’s a beauty.

“Plenty of us have dreamed of hitting the road in a sleek Airstream. Fewer have seen the potential in a 1959 Chevrolet Viking short bus. One creative owner did, and enlisted architect Will Winkelman, designer Vincent Moulton, and master woodworker Tony Jose to convert this Viking into a beautiful, travel-ready camper.”

Read more about this Creative Camper: A Retrofitted, Rustic Makeover | Apartment Therapy.

One thought on “A Retrofitted Rustic Bus Makeover

  1. alice h says:

    Lots nicer than my old ’65 Ford short bus. My conversion was a bit sloppier (first solo carpentry project) but it was liveable in a Yukon winter. As long as the wood stove didn’t go out. It had a few adventures above and below the Arctic Circle (died on the Peel River ferry, yikes!) then retired to Mexico without me. It was replaced by a 1956 Dodge motorhome (original flathead 6 motor) with slightly bear-chewed cabinets and door that finally made me give up on self-propelled living quarters and expanded the range of my “language”.

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