4 thoughts on “A Rustic Retreat In The Hills Of Wisconsin”

  1. PhIip F. Taccetta

    Looks like it could be pretty chilly during Wisconsin winters!

  2. It may look like it would be chilly in the winter, yes, but it is a retreat, so close thise heavy curtains and crank up the heat and enjoy the beautiful ambience! I love it!

  3. good day, i would be looking to rent a small secluded cabin in the northwoods of wisconsin for 2 months. i might even purchase. i would want a full kitchen, wood stove or fireplace, bathroom w/toilet shower,great t.v. cable or satellite. on a river or lake. studio or 1 bedroom would be fine. i would like a boat included, and a nice pier. please advise where i might begin to find such a thing. best regards

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