A Rustic Retreat In The Hills Of Wisconsin

Set in the midst of a forest, there’s a sense of enchantment surrounding the cabin. The exterior features a patio area with a large fire pit. The bathroom facilities can be found to the rear of the building in a separate little hut, and are accessed over a small walkway.” – Humble Homes

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  1. It may look like it would be chilly in the winter, yes, but it is a retreat, so close thise heavy curtains and crank up the heat and enjoy the beautiful ambience! I love it!

  2. good day, i would be looking to rent a small secluded cabin in the northwoods of wisconsin for 2 months. i might even purchase. i would want a full kitchen, wood stove or fireplace, bathroom w/toilet shower,great t.v. cable or satellite. on a river or lake. studio or 1 bedroom would be fine. i would like a boat included, and a nice pier. please advise where i might begin to find such a thing. best regards

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