A Tiny Existential Meltdown – The Challenges of Building a Tiny House

The sometimes tough side of building your own tiny house, as told by Pix:

Oh, I know, no one likes to read about the unpleasant. If you’re such a person, you can forego this blog post altogether. But it’s not easy to make something you’ve never made before, with little time, money, or gumption. People say anyone can build a tiny house, and in theory I believe that is true. In practice, however, you must have very hearty helpings of resourcefulness, inner drive, friends or family with skills and time, or plenty of cash. With a deficiency in any one of these areas, your tiny house project may be floundering excruciatingly like my own. Don’t flippantly decide to build your own house; You might find yourself suffocated by its weight.

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