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      1. Greetings,
        Is this outfit in Ft. Collins? Can I speak to someone by phone? I am in Altona (N. Boulder). Thanks!

    1. how the hell do you get ahold of this company …I speak English and a little French..but not German…I have a locked phone which means I can’t do overseas calls..I live in Missoula MT..there’s lots o land here but it’s very pricey, and has tons of covenents which restrict alternative housing…did a research project on this when I was college before I got my degree…being near both Glacier and Yellowstone National parks. I want a washer and dryer in it too..as travel time and gas to get to my job is pricey. Do they provide their own financing for customers? Banks out here won’t finance tiny homes as this this state is ass backwards w/ their undereducated redneck ways. I have horrible arthritis and copd …on ssdi…worked my entire life..still working & paying into the system. I could go back and forth emailing all day ..but don’t have the time..am also a kick ass singer and drummer and artist/sculptor of a million mediums. Thanks for listening. PEACE

  1. Got a nice boost over the weekend Michael! You are a man of integrity for sure. I don’t know how varied your subject matter will be but feel free to add any other feeds of interest…

    Or everything…


  2. I noticed you had an “UnSchool Bus” on your facebook page today and wondered if you’d seen ours…


    I’m also always happy to do a little mutual sharing. You have a little over twice the likes our page does but we still have decent number and I don’t think we are competition 🙂 So if you interested I’d love to share a couple of times yours for every single share you give us.


  3. We are VERY interested in building tiny home communities for adults with developmental disabilities. Please add us so we can garner the knowledge and resources to do that!

  4. just thought you might like to check and include this posting

    it is not my site, just one I like on Facebook

    Shabby in love added 6 new photos to the album Casa sulle ruote <3

  5. Seen a unique small home on internet seveal yrs ago when looking for small homes to buy. Thought that these homes be ideal , a small space with lots of potentials & thinking near a river or lake to fish. Would like to know what you have in mind.

  6. I have just released what i believe to be the second cardboard building in the world. It’s a recyclable disposable portable cardboard house, built to run off the grid and can be transported by tray truck. Feel free to use video or any screen captured images, so long as you use my name in the story (Mr Link Knight). there are more details in the video description. thought you may be interested. you can email me back if you want ask more about it, put blog media in the subject line and I’ll TRY and get back to you. see:

  7. Hi,
    do you sell any plans for your woodgas producer stove (I don’t know what to call it)
    I am very interested in it, for a greenhouse project.

    Gerrit Jan

  8. Hi Michael,

    I keep a blog called This Is The Little Life, chronicling my adventures in living tiny. I’d love to have you include the feed at Tiny House Living. Thanks!


  9. So excited to see such an increase in the visibility of our ‘tiny’ movement. This no doubt pushes the issues inherent in the discussion and provides and adds to growing credibility/feasibility.

    Please consider adding our humble blog http://www.ourtinyhome.us

    Mitchell & Nicholette

  10. Hi Michael

    Just thought you may be interested in linking to my site an inspirational site of house design and small house concepts. More can be found at http://www.cool-house-ideas.com.

    Plus I’m quite new to web development so any advice would be greatly appreciated



  11. I live in Tennessee and I am very interested in building one of the Pioneers Cabins to live in full time. I would love to find someone that has built one of them to talk to and ask questions and maybe have them share some pics with me. Thank You

  12. Several Questions…and some thoughts….

    I am interested in a smaller house for myself, and I am fairly sure I have found what I want. The trick for me is I am looking at 1100 square foot house(I have a college aged neice and nephew who come and go on vacation times…only living relative is me) So I want space for them to store stuff and not be to cramped. I also look at all these small houses and think there are great things in them…but no more visits to wholesale clubs or buying the giant sized portions of consumables(got an upstairs bedroom/pantry for that stuff…and garage freezer) Anyways point is I live on Gulf Coast and want something that can take a hurricane on the snout…so how much safety and weatherproofing do the tiny houses have….I look at the trailer ones and don’t want to have to hustle outta town every time there is a hiccup in the Gulf.

    Also how do you do tiny living while leaving room to grow?

    Lastly any texas based tiny home builders I should check out besides tiny texas house?


    1. Check http://www.tinyhousemap.com for builders and other folks near you.

      Good question about square feet and leaving room to grow. I tend to think of ‘tiny’ as being less than 200-300 square feet. Above that and it’s not really portable anymore. For occasional visitors I’d suggest designing in some space that can be used for multiple purposes and provide privacy. For example if you locate the front door on a long side of the house it gives you to ends for ‘rooms’ and a kitchen and bath in the middle. Lofts can also be used for these occasional guests.

      For severe weather a tiny house that is secured to the ground should do as well as any other house – assuming it’s built with all the right hurricane ties etc. Most tiny homes on trailers are pulled down highways so are built by their owners to take the force of wind etc. But if facing a hurricane I think I’d hook up to my truck and get out of dodge. You might also look into semi-underground homes and monolithic domes for extreme weather locations.

      Hope that helps. Good luck!

  13. Dear Sir or Ma’am:

    My name is Sam Hendley and myself as deaf with cochlear implant. I am writing this letter to owner of tiny house project for homeless people because I have one deaf friend, her name is Rhonda Spearin will be lose her house due of mold mildew would not good for her health and her family’s health issues. Since, I knew her from my high school (Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind) in past 25 years and I had been figuring out if, you can help her and her family to get new home like that I heard about your tiny house project for homeless people is great for supporting all community’s needs in each city across United States. Rhonda asked me about find new home for herself and her family should be moving to Jacksonville, Florida by this week on Friday, but she is feeling so stuck in Silver Spring Shores, Florida and might be living in the tent at the campground very soon!!!! She said she don’t want to be living in the tent because her health issues. Her primary goal is moving to Jacksonville, Florida and find a reasonable rent house for them, but she have not find a job yet for herself to keep stability support her own family. Can you help her to get new home because she can get good living with your tiny house project for homeless. Please contact me by email and we can work out for my deaf friend, Rhonda and her family’s needy to living stability functions.

    Thanks you for my understanding about the concern of my deaf friend Rhonda’s future living.

    Sam Hendley

  14. Just ordered a kit from a great local business to help me go tiny and off the grid from Jamaica Cottage shop in Vermont. they’ve got a ton of plans and precut kits.

  15. This is a shopping mall that was built after an earthquake destroyed the CBD of Christchurch New Zealand
    And its all built with containers

  16. Hi Michael,

    Would would love to be considered for your shared list:


    Over 2,000 posts and counting:

    The blog remains to be my “brainstormblog” for a future home for our family :: Also it remains intentionally an ad-free & pop-up free. (RSS enabled too BTW)
    Kindest Regards,
    Gabriel Craft

    PS I have recently posted some local dome & container structures that might be of interest: http://bit.ly/OfunatoJapanDOMES & http://bit.ly/ContainerCafe

  17. Lot’s of progress, and lot’s of new content about the in’s and out’s of our build.

    We saw such an increase after having one of our blogs featured that we wanted to stop back by and show off what we’re up to.


      1. Wow!! Thanks Michael!! do you have an email address? I would love to email you about something but I can’t find your contact info 🙂

  18. Hello Michael. I just posted this same thing on a particular picture, but figured this might be a more efficient way of reaching out. I work for a production media company in Los Angeles and we’re currently doing a creative piece on tiny houses. I was hoping to speak with you on the subject. Thanks so much for your time and efforts!

  19. Are you looking for or about to buy a tiny house – 500 square feet or smaller? If so, the producers of HGTV’s “House Hunters” want to talk to you. “House Hunters” is currently casting for people buying tiny homes to feature on upcoming episodes. Energetic, fun and enthusiastic tiny house home buyers interested in being on House Hunters should email smallhouses@pietown.tv.

  20. I have had a whole bunch of inquiries about my free tiny house in exchange for living in it for 6 months lifestyle. Here is a little explanation…. I am hoping to get some buzz going for building a whole tiny village this spring.

    I started building tiny houses in 2010 when I realized you can be richer by not needing any money than you can by hoarding it. It started with getting rid of all monthly reoccurring bills, rent being the highest of them.

    I came up with an ingenious solution… people want tiny homes, I want to live for free.. so I will build them one in exchange for living there half a year and then they get to keep it!

    Shortly after starting, this small AP story came out and according to the author, Cedar Burnett, it had many millions of links and downloads. I was flooded with interest from every crackbrained tiny builder in the country.

    I have been a sometimes writer and character on this show TBTL with Luke Burbank, so have a little following from that.

    (Skip to 6 min in)

    (Skip to 2 min in)

    Then not long ago, this radio lady Rachel Belle (KIRO) did another interview on the process I am using to live


    Between all of that I have generated enough momentum to look into building a whole tiny village this spring! 10 tiny houses designed by artists around a large community structure and garden.

    I am currently building my 5th tiny house as we speak! Stay tuned for more information on a Tiny Village in Seattle.

  21. Are there any plans or kits to redo 1957 mobile home in FL. Own land near beach. Must be appx. same size.

  22. Dear Michael,

    I’m making a documentary for Belgium television on tiny housing. Would it be possible to get in touch? Just to gather some info. I’m actually looking for people in Belgium who are interested in this way of living. Thanks for helping me out!


  23. I’m living out of a tiny 4×8′ trailer I built myself in Brooklyn, NY. Documenting my adventure at

  24. We are looking for a basic (expandable) tiny house for a property we just bought near Murrieta, CA.
    It would have to be brought up a rural easement road and then onto a primitive road for maybe 300 feet.
    Any suggestions for us?

  25. Howdy, just wanted to let you know of the tiny house I am building here in northern Wisconsin. I am keeping a daily blog about the build which might be useful to anyone looking to build an off the grid tiny home.

  26. Hi Michael,

    Kenny Wong here from PHW Homes in Vancouver. We specialize in custom and laneway homes. Laneway homes are growing vastly in popularity here in Vancouver and I was wondering if you guys take guest contributions. I think a guest post on laneway homes or something related would be pretty cool for your readership. Thoughts?


  27. Well, have I got a story for you -Rev. jeff obafemi carr, once homeless himself, is living in Nashville’s FIRST Micro model home until enough money is raised to build a village of micro-homes for the homeless. Through the efforts Infinity Fellowship where he is the Lead Minister, jeff is living in a 60 foot micro-home and will continue to live there until enough funds are raised to build a “micro-village” for homeless to live in for FREE. This is a crowd-funded GoFundMe page (www.gofundme.com/homelessvillage) initiative that has raised more than half of the $50,000 needed. jeff has been living there for 26 days now while his wife and five children continue to live in their residence.

    Here’s a story about it.

      1. Rev. Jeff…I am going to be in Nashville the first week of October … would love to interview you while there!

  28. I run a FB group and post there and also interview people in hangouts about the tiny homes industry.

  29. Hi, I live in Colorado and have 319 acres in the San Luis Valley. Would like to talk about starting an off the grid community on this land. The website of the organization I serve as Treasurer

  30. Hey Michael–we built a Tiny House in Manhattan in 72 hours this week for charity and would really appreciate any love you could give this campaign by helping us spread the word. The House is on eBay now and 100% of the proceeds will go to Community Solutions, a national non-profit. http://www.atinytask.com #ATinyTask Thanks in advance…

      1. Sure Michael – what would you like? I design and build on-grid and off-grid highly insulated wooden buildings including small and tiny houses, barns, cabins and garden buildings, for use as living accommodation, home offices and studios, holiday letting etc! They are high specification architectural gems overflowing with character and craftsmanship. At the root of all this is a lifelong love of green architecture and over thirty years as a designer, builder and furniture maker (see jonathanavery.com). My website is https://tinyhousescotland.co.uk/
        Kind regards

  31. Hello,

    My name is Felinda and I’d love to discuss with you the possibility of buying some advertising space on your website.

    If this is something you’re interested in, then please let me know so that we can arrange a deal that suits both of us.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

  32. Mighty Small Homes was created for a world in need of sustainable, strong, energy efficient, and affordable home solutions for those who care about creating their dream home that will last for generations to come.

  33. Hi,

    I work with the content team at Credit.com, and wanted to ask you about pitching some ideas I have for an article we could write for your site.

    Are you the right contact for these types of questions?



  34. So many people interested in Tiny Homes will need to find the special products that would suit or enhance small spaces. Is there any central place, or list of links to providers of innovative things that would interest tiny home occupants? We would love to be included. Discovery Trekking makes an extreme ultralight towel that is bath size, but only weighs 7 ounces. Even stays much fresher between washings for those that don’t have washing machines, because it has Silver in the fabric that discourages bacterial growth.

  35. Hi! I have a new tiny house in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It will be shown on Tiny House Nation on March 4, 2017. I am a musician so I really wanted to have a place to play music, have concerts, etc. They are calling it the “Amplified” tiny house because it looks like a gigantic amplifier. I can actually plug my electric violin into it and the sound comes out the front. 🙂

  36. You’ll also find all sorts of RVs, tiny houses on trailers, teardrop campers, cob, and shipping container houses.

  37. I’m looking for a way to buy or build a tiny house in theTopanga Canyon area (California)
    My issue is where to put it? Buying a land for a house can run easily in the 500K and more which doesn’t make
    sense for a tiny house.
    Is anyone had a similar situation and any input to buy or a rent some land for a tiny house at a more affordable price/

    Any info are welcome.
    Thank you!

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