Albion – 16-foot Tiny House with a Cross Gable Roof

The Albion is one of my favorite recent designs, after the Westport. I started trying to draw a tiny house with two gable dormers, but I quickly realized that the roof was so small they just wouldn’t fit. So I tried a cross gable instead, figuring it was the next best thing and should work just fine. I was surprised how well it worked – aesthetically speaking.

Two functional benefits come from a roof like this too. The first is that more light & air can make its way to the loft. The loft can be also accessed via a ladder (or stairs theoretically) from not just the center of the loft as long as the intersection of the gables is near the edge of the loft. The added headroom makes this possible.

To learn more about this design and my other tiny house on wheels plans visit Tiny House Design.

4 thoughts on “Albion – 16-foot Tiny House with a Cross Gable Roof”

  1. Clean lines. Appears bed is only half useable due to steep roof? Like more designs in 14 – 16 ft range. thanks

  2. I really like the design and the layout inside I could live with this one.

  3. Making room by modification of the roof design, genius! People who like caravans should consider these tiny houses. The concept is very cool and original, there are many people who would love to attach the houses to their cars, but they will certainly consider the price first. These guys should consider asking any roofing company for new and cool ideas, which would fit the category of the new tiny house designs.

  4. nice design. looks like you need some chars for the second great room. the kitchen. highly inefficient use of space. do this and i will not complain. my home is built inside the wheels not over the wheel wells yet i have 181.5 square feet of living space on my 16 foot trailer. even while moving down the road. good luck on riddling that one out.

    nothing but love Solx

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