Alternative Power Generators for Off-Grid Tiny Homes

Portable alternative power generations like this one are handy during extended blackouts and can make good starter kits for some tiny houses.

The size of a system depends on what you need to run; for example if you just needs lights and communications a very small system will do. If you need to power a refrigerator, well pump, and/or clothes washer the system will naturally need to be bigger.

You can build solar systems yourself with all the necessary parts or buy prebuilt packages like the one pictured here to help you get started.

To learn how to build your own solar system I’ve linked a few how-to articles from other websites below:

  • Eartheasy Blog – Simple DIY Home Solar Power System
  • Mother Earth News – DIY Solar Power System Offers Easy Emergency Power Supply
  • Off Grid Quest – 4 Videos – A Small Introduction to DIY Solar

Learn more about the system pictured above…