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Urban Rancher – 4 Walls and Roof Framing

The Urban Rancher is making excellent progress on his tiny house and it’s still early enough in the process to see how everything is going to go together. Over the Columbus Day weekend he put up his first two framed walls. He then moved onto the other two walls and now has roof rafters in […]

Greg Johnson Featured in Natural Home Magazine

Greg Johnson, co-founder of the Small House Society and author of Put Your Life On a Diet is featured in the current issue of Natural Home Magazine. It’s always great to see tiny houses and the folks that exemplify the virtues of simple living spotlighted in main stream publications. Greg Johnson Featured in Natural Home […]

The Grub Shack

I’m an avid follower of the events unfolding at The Field Lab in southwest Texas. John Wells has been making steady progress on welding up the steel arches for his 4-shipping container based green house. John regularly mentions the important things in his life, his friend Benita (a volunteer pet longhorn), and his favorite local […]

Field Chapel in Boedigheim, Germany

The Field Chapel in Boedigheim, Germany built by a team of students from the College of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology, led by Professor Frank Flury. The chapel was completed in just 8 weeks with the help of volunteers. While it stands 9 meters high the entire interior floor space consists of just […]