Aya’s Tiny House – Suddenly Feels Like a Home

Today we moved a few things into our tiny house and it suddenly feels like a home. There are still many things to finish but I think that might always be the case… Our house is 120 square feet. It’s small. It is 8 feet by 15 feet and is 12 feet high at its peak. It is half-lofted at 7 feet so we have a little lofted bed area.” – Aya

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2 thoughts on “Aya’s Tiny House – Suddenly Feels Like a Home”

  1. Oh, wow! Absolutely beautiful and very well built. You both looked like you had so much fun building together, and that’s part of the point of building it, right? To have fun with life. Keep having fun. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Melissa Gulley

    Love to live in one of these houses! Look at the cost I would be saving!

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