Barry Jackson’s Compact & Modular Hivehaus

suitable for a wide variety of environments, the modular ‘hivehaus’ designed by barry jackson is based on the hexagonal honeycomb structures built by bees. the compact living space is constructed from identically proportioned ‘cells’ that can be joined together by any of their six sides to create a connected cluster or ‘hive’. this system offers a high level of flexibility and enables a bespoke expansion of the house as it grows with the individual users requirements. each piece has an internal floor area of 9.3m2 and is designed to be used as a specific work/live space. i.e. office, lounge, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom cells all have uniform internal partition walls with or without pocket doors that can be added or removed as needed.” – designboom

See more of Barry Jackson’s compact and modular Hivehaus.

Thanks to Mark Harrison for tipping me off to this very cool project!

Above: Giant chicken threatens to eat Hivehaus!!!

Below left: Transformer kitchen. Below right: Bedroom. Notice the hexagonal structure clearly visible from the interior shots.

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