Big Maroon

All design, fabrication, assembly, carpentry and cabinet work, except as noted in the acknowledgements below, were performed by The Federal Motorhome Company, under the direction of CEO John M. Driscoll. My wife and partner, Valerie, accepted the responsibility for esthetic considerations, such as colors, fabric, and furniture. Her choices helped transform this vehicle into a home. The project has been a great journey over the past 42 years. We have traveled about 40,000 miles through 20 states and Canada and the time we have spent living and raising our family in it probably adds up to a year.” – The Federal Motorhome Company

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  1. Those curved roof beams look like they were laminated. If so, they took several strips, put glue on them, bent them into a jig and let them dry. The best and strongest way would be to heat them up with steam, bend them into a jig and let them dry. I believe they used that method for wooden boats and furniture.

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