Bungalito by John Hindman

A decade ago, John Hindman couldn’t buy the windows and doors needed to restore vintage homes; he had to make them. Today, his devotion to traditional methods and materials has culminated in an ingenious handcrafted bungalito.” – Julia K. Hanus for American Craft Council

Read and see more of Bungalito by John Hindman at the American Craft Council. I first saw this on Small & Tiny Home Ideas. Photos by Jody Horton. See more of John’s restoration work at Red River Restorations.

13 thoughts on “Bungalito by John Hindman”

  1. i wish i could buy a ladder like that. we build one but it is not nearly that nice.

  2. A.R.Montgomery

    Lovely craftsmanship! Being a Senior, I’d need a proper staircase, not a latter. 🙂

  3. A.R.Montgomery

    Geez! Can’t spell worth a damn today. That should be LADDER. 🙂

  4. This is a beautiful little cottage and I love the unique looks of the copper rain gutter and pipes but won’t it rust. I thought copper rusts.
    Where is the bathroom?

      1. Thank you for your input. Copper is beautiful. Is it safe for catching rain water for drinking and cooking purposes?

      2. Joshua Holloway

        Copper dosent rust. Copper is effected when contacted with dissimilar metals. It causes pipe erosion by electrolysis between the different types of metals. Water does contain absorbed metals at some state.

  5. Wow! Craftsmanship is putting it mildly. This man’s work is amazing! A true
    Artisan of crafted wood. Absolultely beautiful!

  6. Hi!
    It’s so lovely!
    The Bungalito is absolutely professionally made! And every smallest item is a piece of art! Well done, John!
    All the best,

  7. I loved this! It fueled and helps to clarify my own dreams. Thank you so much for posting this with the lovely photos. Excellent, beautiful work, which feeds the heart and soul.

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