Burlingame California Treehouse

A family treehouse becomes a cozy backyard overnight rental in Burlingame, California.

“The shape of this 100-year-old California coast live oak just begged to hold a tree house. Although it took a while to get the project started, the Studebaker family in Burlingame, California, worked together to build a special and soothing place. “Thinking back, I found motivation from a combination of just being a good dad and the opportunity to do something creative and highly original,” says Doug Studebaker. “Each of our three kids helped out from time to time, and in this way built up a little sweat equity and pride in the project.”Although the backyard tree house has served the family well, Linda and Doug Studebaker now rent it out to visitors.”

via Designed with utmost respect for the tree cradling it, a cozy house gives overnighters an experience to cherish.