Capsule Micro Apartments

Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo, Japan consisting of approximately 100 square feet units built in 1972. Photos by Noritaka Minami. More info on Wikipedia.” – Tiny House Swoon

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3 thoughts on “Capsule Micro Apartments

  1. Ralph Sly says:

    And tell my how you just wouldn’t consider killing yourself if you had to live in theses? This is pushing the envelope.

  2. ozone bhaguan says:

    well, what makes the difference is being forced to or willful choosing to live in such an environment.

    now, if living in a capsule apt allows a single or cozy couple to increase their income to debt ratio, then it might make sense to rough it, to save up for things like collage, or larger big ticket items.

    i can think of a few plausible reasons why these designs would become popular.

    if a person has few shelter options, this might be a step up for many in dense urban environments. if one is forced into this situation with little alternative recourse, then these inhabitants might suffer long term psychological effects.

    i think what would improve the situation in most cases, is location. if such a building was built in a area that has stunning ocean views, or sufficiently ascetically pleasing panoramas, then living in a capsule apt might be as bad as people might think.

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