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A Book Giveaway + The Blog Tour

Tammy’s new book is now available. You can enter to win a copy on her website. “Today, I’m giving away THREE signed and stamped copies of my new book, You Can Buy Happiness (and it’s Cheap)! ”” Visit her website to enter A Book Giveaway + The Blog Tour — go small, think big & […]

Pacific Domes is Having a Sale

Just a heads-up for those interested in domes… Pacific Domes is having a sale. “Pacific Domes has discounted inventory covers for sale frames included upon request. New inventory items are 10% off. Used inventory items are 20% off. Prices do not include shipping. Please contact our sales team for official pricing.” via Clearance Items – […]

Handmade Artist Built Tiny House For Sale

The Oakland Tiny House is for sale. “Owner/artist designed and built tiny house in Oakland CA. 120 sq. feet with sleeping loft and all custom built in furniture. Salvaged hardwood maple floor (from an old roller skating rink) and salvaged redwood ship lapped siding. Fully insulated with 120v electrical, on demand hot water heater, outdoor […]

Subscribe to Humble Homes and Save 20% On Plans!

Here’s an easy way to get a discount on these great plans by Humble Homes. “That’s right, you heard us. If you subscribe to Humble Homes you’ll receive a coupon that will allow you to save 20% on all of our tiny house plans. Pretty awesome considering all you need to do is fill out […]

Tiny House in the Hood – In Shaw

Elaine is moving her tiny house to Boneyard Studios. In the mean time it has a temporary home. “It’s in the pictured location until the tiny house community, Boneyard Studios, can make space on their lot. I wasn’t able to follow my tiny house, so this is the first I’ve seen of it. It’s nice […]

Leopard Films is Looking for Off the Grid Stories

I was recently contact by a film producer looking for people willing to share their off-grid lifestyle change stories. If you’re interested be sure to contact Joe Pinzone directly. Here’s what he told me: “I’m a casting producer for Leopard Films in NYC and we are casting a new documentary in which we want to […]

Two New Tiny House Forums

Two new Tiny House Forums are springing up. So if you’d like to connect with others interested in tiny houses be sure to check them out. Jason Bendickson has opened the Tiny House Buzz. Jamison Hiner has just recently opened the Small House Forum. via Tiny House Blog – Living Simply in Small Spaces.

Tiny Living Edition Inside Flipboard

Tiny Houses on Flipboard – who knew!? “Apparently, there is a tiny-house movement afoot—people seeking homes that are the antithesis of the McMansion, usually between 100 and 130 square feet, and epitomize simple living. Here are some of our favorite feeds about life, downsized.” via Three Things We Love: Tiny Living Edition | Inside Flipboard.

The Tiny r(E)volution Podcast Returns to the Airwaves

Podcast returns: “After a few week hiatus we are pleased to return to the airwaves this Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 2:30pm EST for our tiny house podcast. While we are still trying to figure out a great timeslot for the show where as many people can participate in live chat and call-ins as possible […]