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Not a House… Yet

This is a bit off-topic because this shipping container is a prototype for a collapsable shipping container that folds up for it’s return trip. On the secondary market they would provide an interesting shipping container to build a house from. Not a House… Yet

Earthbag Glorieta

Kelly Hart posted the story behind the earthbag house that’s featured in the header of his blog, Earthbag Building Blog. It’s a Glorieta, a glorified gazebo of sorts, that was built during a workshop back in 2003 in Crestone, Colorado. Local materials, including the dirt around the house, was used to construct this little building. […]

Tiny Dome in Terlingua, Texas

Terlingua, Texas is a remote part of southwest Texas near the Mexican border. Pictured here is a tiny dome structure currently under construction. The blog that is recording the construction story is also filled with interesting ways of adapting to such an extreme desert region and living very close to the edge. Tiny Dome in […]

Wall Tents

In my internet travels this week I ran across wall tents and thought they looked like great low cost temporary housing solutions. I was especially interested in the little low-cost stoves they sell, but sadly they are not intended for indoor cabin use… just for wall tents. Wall Tents

10 Shipping Container Projects

Jetson Green has a nice wrap up on shipping container projects. Some are big and some are small but for those who are interested in cargo container homes it’s a nice article. 10 Shipping Container Projects

A Classic Dogtrot House

I’ve been working on a new set of tiny house plans that are inspired by historic dogtrot houses like this on that I found on A dogtrot is a small house divided in two with a breezeway between the two halves. The purpose of this design was to keep the house cool in hot […]

Living Earth Structures

I always learn new stuff while reading Lloyd Kahn’s blog. This week I spotted this funky little tiny house built by the folks at Living Earth Structures in Petaluma, California. These folks build all sorts of earthen structures including benches, walls, ovens, and houses. They also offer adobe and cob workshops for those who want […]

10 Amazing Earthen Buildings

I’m starting to think that building with earth makes more sense than any other building method.  I must admit I’m terribly biased because my real professional training and education is in the ceramic arts. The main disadvantage is that they are no portable like so many of the tiny houses I write about and explore […]

ZENDOME and Pacific Domes

Based in Berlin ZENDOME manufactures the cool geodesic dome pictured here. They are priced a bit on the premium side and not exactly meant to be a year round home but seeing their great photos reminded me of the wonderful advantages of a dome home. So then I did a quick search for a Ashland, […]

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