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The Updated Layout – Fat & Crunchy Tiny House

Peter has posted interior drawings of their tiny house. “Here is the general floor plan with the loft transparent.The Left side of this picture is the front of the trailer. The big open room is going to be the “master” bedroom”. It actually sits on top of the gooseneck as you see in the next […]

Breaking Down the Costs at Tiny House Ontario

Laura breaks downs recent costs of Tiny House Ontario. “So far in 2012 I have (with help) built the in-house with composting toilet, added some (not great) LED battery lighting, put steel on the exterior, added gravel dust for the patio (to allow this to settle for next year’s project), updated (not completed) the kitchen […]

Exterior Siding is Going Up – Tiny Home Builders

Dan is making great progress on this tiny house and recording the entire building process in how-to videos. “The siding is going up and I am starting to see what it’s going to look like. I hope to have all of the exterior siding done as well as the roof by the end of the […]

Rooke Haus Under Construction – Design from Humble Homes

Catch a tiny house construction project in the early stages. This time the plans came from Humble Homes. “Randall Bozelle (who was our first-ever-customer) has kindly provided us with some photo’s of his modified version of the Rooke Haus. He has almost completed the framing for the home and so far it’s looking great! We’re […]

Shipping Container House Construction Continues at The Field Lab

John Wells continues to make progress on his shipping container house at the field lab. The large building behind his work area is a greenhouse John built from four shipping containers and a lot of welding. Photo credit to John Wells. “Yanked my stud starts out of the container, rebuilt the east wall, lined it […]

A Tiny House in South Bohemia Landscape

Robert shares his small house building story on Tiny House Blog. “I would like to share with you is my cabin which I built up and finally filled up my boy dream – to build by own hands a wooden house. A cabin is destinated to backgroud of a small hobby farm what I step […]

A Rather Tiny Bathroom

Ella gives us a tour of her tiny home’s tiny bathroom. Love the shower/tub and dual use faucet. “I’ve barely mentioned anything about my bathroom thus far, so now that it’s almost completely finished I had best get on it. It is located behind the kitchen, adjacent to the pink room and underneath my loft […]

DIY Timber Frame Cabin – Part 6

In this episode of his 12×16 timber frame cabin video series, Cody (Wranglerstar), shows us more about selectively harvesting trees for lumber. “Are you doing it right? This video will cover the tools needed to fall timber and the best chainsaw chain for your Saw. I cut this White Fir tree down with a Stihl […]

DIY Timber Frame Cabin – Part 5

Cody (Wranglerstar) continues to describe how to work with the raw material in this timber frame 12×16 cabin project. In this video he talks about how to work with a pitch pocket in a log, shares some basic circular saw tips, prepares to fine-tune the fit between timber frame members, and you’ll also see more Alaskan […]