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A Camouflaged Tiny House/Garden Office

Worried about building inspectors? Hide your house in the bushes! (just kidding – well sort of) “Back on “hiding one’s tiny house”, this approach might come in handy when you’re trying to evade building inspectors, snooping neighbors, and those who might blow the whistle on your simple, little, unpermitted, hut- not that I….ahem….would recommend such […]

Virginia Hand’s Garden Office

This is garden designer Virginia Hand‘s garden office. It was recently featured in an article in the Seattle Times. I spotted it on shedworking. Photo by Ken Lambert Virginia Hand’s Garden Office

Shomera Solo

I think this is a really well done eco-friendly garden office and I especially like the simple design. One would think that a simple box with a shed roof would be a simple thing to design but this shows how a little extra attention to the details can really set a design apart from others. […]

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