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Got Stones? Make Stone Home – Photo by Marsha Eibert

Abandoned house in Sajama National Park, Bolivia with Twin Chilean volcanoes Parinacota and Pomerape behind. Photos by Marsha Eibert.” – Tiny House Swoon via Abandoned Stone House

Winter Camp – Civil War Reenactment

Throughout the four years of the Civil War, the fighting generally stopped during the winter months.  Moving troops and supplies was just too difficult in cold conditions, therefore armies went into winter camp.  They were always primitive at best, but some were better than others.” – Jim Stark Read more at the Monroe County Civil War […]

Castel Meur

“Castel Meur is the name of this amazing house. She turns her back to the sea since 1861, the year of its construction, to protect it from violent winds during storms, that frequent this place. This tiny house was built at a time when building permits did not exist, where everyone could build her own […]

Fieldfare Cabin in Norway

One of my readers sent me this link, thanks Anka! What an amazing place to build a cabin and talk about roughing-it. Also, please forgive the Google Translate translation: “Fieldfare cabin is a true copy of that war Quarter Linge officers and Ålesund Sunnmøre Association members Joachim, Birger and Olaf Aarsæther built in spring 1944, […]

1910 Dietz “Dollhouse” A Micro-Victorian House

Great find by Don, a reader of  It’s a historic playhouse but I suspect this may inspire some people to doll-up their tiny homes. “The Dietz Doll House is one of the Seguin Conservation Society’s most charming properties and like the others, comes with an intriguing history. It was built in 1910 by Louis […]

Smallest House in Britain

One of my readers, Paul Coleman, sent me this. He told me, “This is a well known tiny house near where my mum lives in Wales.” Thanks again for sharing Paul! “The smallest house in Great Britain is situated on the Quayside at Conwy, North Wales. The house is only 6ft wide by 8ft deep […]

Lorna’s 1930s Shepherd’s Wagon

Great story about this shepherd’s wagon that followed Lorna home. “Over the course of two summers in 1945, Lorna Benedict lived in a shepherd’s wagon on a large ranch in Wyoming. During her stint as a shepherd she watched over a herd of sheep, chopped her own firewood, shot and skinned local wildlife and fished […]

Ósvör Maritime Museum

Dav sent me some links to this tiny house village recreation. Great example of adapting available materials to extreme climate conditions. Thanks Dav! “Ósvör is a fascinating maritime museum built on the ruins of fisherman’s huts. Lovingly restored, its highlight is a replica of a six-man rowing boat, among the oldest of its kind in the […]

Don Sheldon Mountain House Perched on a Rock Outcrop in Alaska

If you’re looking for a historic tiny house to rent and you don’t mind going on an expedition to a remote wilderness to get there – this might be the perfect place. “Few are the people that have not seen pictures or heard of the Don Sheldon Mountain House. Situated in the splendor of the […]

Explore Shackleton’s Antarctic Hut

One of my readers, Dav, sent this too me. It’s an opportunity to peek back in time inside Shackleton’s Antarctic Hut. Thanks again Dav! “For some time now, the Google Street View team has been systematically mapping and creating imagery that allows us access to some of the world’s most picturesque and historic locales. The […]

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