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There Be Hobbit Sheep Here

I suspect I’m not the only one who has sometimes yearned to live like a Hobbit. These sheep in New Zealand are living the dream as the current residents of the actual Hobbit village constructed for the Lord of the Rings movies. These tiny houses are no more than frail movie sets, but they do […]

Tiny Historic Beach House

One of my long time readers, Dav, passed a link to this photo to me the other day. It’s great to see these tiny historic beach houses photographed in Ostend, Belgium from about 100 years ago. Great find again Dav! Tiny Historic Beach House Photo credit Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

Tiny House – New Again

It’s always fascinating to me to find a new tiny house built inside the ruins of an old tiny house. This one is just over 300 square feet and is located in Snape Maltings, Snape, Suffolk. The architect was Haworth Tompkins. Tiny House – New Again

Old English Ruins

One of my regular readers ran across this fantastic photo album of old English ruins. Many of the photos are of very large structures but tucked here and there are some incredible tiny huts and cottages. Thanks again Dav! Old English Ruins

Stone Beehive Hut

Many people are very familiar with the work, writings, and contributions of Lloyd Kahn, the founding editor-in-chief of Shelter Publications, Inc. This photo came from a trip he took to Europe. It’s a little stone hut located on the southwest coast of Ireland. What’s amazing about this little structure is that it’s constructed without mortar […]

Shelter, Shacks and Shanties

Steve from Murchison, New Zealand send me a link to a book written and illustrated in 1914 by Daniel C Beard. Beard was also one of the founders of the Boy Scouts of America. The book is called Shelter, Shacks and Shanties and focuses on simple shelters that can be built with simple tools. You […]

Blast from the Recent Past

It’s always nice to have a blast from the past for gaining perspective. A reader of Tiny House Blog passed this onto Kent the other day reminding us that tiny houses are not really a new idea at all. Well I guess reading Walden again will tell you that too… in any event these house […]

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