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DIY Timber Frame Cabin – Part 2

Cody (Wranglerstar) continues to work on his 12×16 timber frame tiny house in part 2 of this video series. See part one.

One Way to Solve the Tiny House Insurance Challenge

Ryan presents a new idea for the tiny house insurance challenge. “The old adage, if you want something done right, you’ll need to do it yourself.  So what if we were to create our own insurance company, a non profit entity, maybe even a Co-Operative?  A entity that was dedicated to Tiny Houses, that protected […]

How to Rough-In Electrical Wiring

The folks at Tiny r(E)volution are powering up their tiny house. Here’s a chance to peek over their shoulder and learn a little about rough wiring a house. “Before I even begin I want to be completely transparent in that I am NOT an electrician… But with impeccable timing (or so it seems) my brother […]

How to Build a Tiny House

One of the most common questions from new readers has centered around how to build a tiny house. The other most common question was how much does a tiny house cost, but both questions are tied together so I’ll answer both in this post. How to Build a Tiny House

Foot Bridge with Hut

One of my regular readers, Dav, sent me a link to this great little foot bridge and hut on Instructables. He and I see the basic structure of a little cabin. The instructable shows mostly how to build the bridge but at the end there is a little bit about the hut. Thanks for the […]

Finding Land for Living

The latest issue of Small Living Journal is out and the topic is Finding Land for Living. There are 4 articles including one guest post from the UrbanRancher. Finding Land for Living

Shed Building at Fine Homebuilding

Today I watched this great video series on shed building at the Fine Homebuilding website. The only downside to the whole experience is that they require you to provide a bunch of personal information to join their 14-day free trial. I’m not sure if I’ll keep the membership after 14 days but I must say […]

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