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Pros and Cons of Tiny Homes

One of Kent’s readers shared some interesting observations on the pros and cons of tiny houses versus larger houses. It’s a good food for thought post. Pros and Cons of Tiny Homes

Tiny House Frequently Asked Questions

I wrote-up this detailed FAQ as a partial response to the 100+ questions I received while tiny houses were featured on the Yahoo homepage. In case you missed it, here’s a link. Tiny House Frequently Asked Questions

Tiny House Directory for Everyone

Kent Griswold is offering his Tiny House Directory free for everyone. This is a very complete listing of tiny house resources, websites, plans, etc. To download your copy visit Tiny House Blog. Tiny House Directory for Everyone

Cheap RV Living

One of the websites that was introduced to me this past week was Cheap RV Living. I wrote a post about a Stealth Cargo Trailer I found there on Tiny House Design last week. But that was just the tip of the iceberg for those looking for ways to live simply on the road. Cheap RV […]

The Flying Tortoise

I discovered Keith Levy’s blog, The Flying Tortoise, through a post on Lloyd Kahn’s blog. Pictured here is a 1956 Austin WFK home on wheels Keith stumbled across while it was being photographed for a television show in Waihi, New Zealand. You’ll find this and many more alternative homes on The Flying Tortoise. The Flying Tortoise

Avoiding Permits

Joseph Sandy recently wrote up a short overview that explains the kind of projects that can be typically built without building permits. Avoiding Permits

Living History School

Last night while exploring YouTube I ran across this incredible simple living resource that focuses on how settlers in Oregon once lived. They’ve even built a few replica structures like this log cabin. The focus of the project is on survival, primitive skills, nature awareness, pioneer and urban homesteading. Living History School on YouTube Living […]

Weekly Online Tiny House Show

Ryan Mitchell, at The Tiny Life, has started hosting a weekly online show. The most recent show’s topic was on Design Tools for Small Spaces. Past shows are recorded and also available online. I really like this innovate approach to bringing tiny house content online and look forward to seeing Ryan’s show grow. Weekly Online […]

Craig’s Tiny House Blog

A great new tiny house blog with some great tiny house designs from Craig. Pictured here is a teardrop inspired trailer design. Craig’s Tiny House Blog

Tiny House Directory and Newsletter

My good friend Kent Griswold over at Tiny House Blog has launched a new weekly newsletter. I highly recommend subscribing and when you do you’ll get a handy PDF packed with tiny house online resources. Tiny House Directory and Newsletter

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