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William’s Floating Teepee

This is a bit of an older story but a good one. “William Woodbridge is a 21 year old second year university student. He has a unique way of looking at life and how he lives as a student is quite different than the usual. Williams lives in a teepee and a floating teepee at that. […]

Tiny House Lifestyle in a Tuff Shed Shelter

Laura’s tiny house story is reported on at You can find her blog at “Moving into a tiny house doesn’t involve just the usual kind of downsizing. Such small spaces require a different lifestyle from the mainstream, as well as a certain discipline. But that’s part of their appeal.” via From the home […]

Tiny New York Apartments

Dav also sent me a link to this post on The Tiny Life about tiny living spaces in New York City. Seeing this side-by-side with the tiny Hong Kong apartments is even more of an eye opener. Thanks again Dav! Tiny New York Apartments

100 x 100

Dav sent me a link to this gallery by photographer Michael Wolf called 100 x 100. It’s 100, 100 square foot apartments of residents in their 100 square foot Hong Kong apartments. Thanks again Dav, this is definitely eye opening and thought provoking. 100 x 100

Tiny House in a Barn

Nick Weston, the author or The Treehouse Diaries: How to Live Wild in the Woods, has moved out of his treehouse in England and has setup a new humble living space inside an old barn. By comparison he’s now living a modern life with electricity, a gas stove, and running water (just outside from a […]

What Kind of Tiny House Would You Buy?

I’m running a survey over at Tiny House Design in an attempt to uncover what kind of tiny house would be most popular. What Kind of Tiny House Would You Buy?

Tiny House on NPR

Last weekend a story came out on NPR about the tiny house movement and featured Peter King and my friend Derek “Deek” Diedricksen. Be sure to take a listen if you missed it. Below is the video of Peter King referenced in the NPR Story. Tiny Houses on NPR

The Flying Tortoise

I’ve been following Keith Levy’s blog for some time now. Keith lives in New Zealand and writes about all the clever folks and tiny homes he finds while living the life of a land gypsy. After living on boats for many years he made the transition to living on land nine years ago but chose […]

Ryo’s Homestead Update

I don’t think Ryo has called his place in the mountains of Lassen County, California a homestead before, but he just finished putting in a garden and is settling in for the summer… so homestead just seems right to me. He’s also noodling over building another structure or augmenting the one he build last summer. […]

Radio Shedworking

The most recent Radio Shedworking podcast focuses on the viability, benefits, and challenges of alternative workspaces like backyard garden offices. Radio Shedworking

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