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Tiny Yellow House – Episode 3

Derek Diedricksen has released the newest episode of the Tiny Yellow House. This time the focus is on a little tiny house fun. For all of Derek’s antics follow him at RelaxShax. Tiny Yellow House – Episode 3

Off The Grid with Les Stroud

Les Stroud, a.k.a Survivor Man, produced this documentary several years ago that records his personal adventure into setting up an off-the-grid homestead in Canada. The property he buys is 150 acres and has some old farm buildings, one of which he trys to convert into a small 20′ by 20′ cabin before winter. He also […]

The Treehouse Diaries by Nick Weston

The Treehouse Diaries: How to Live Wild in the Woods by Nick Weston captures what he learned while living off the land and in a treehouse after escaping the rat race in London. The Treehouse Diaries by Nick Weston

Adjusting to a Small Cabin

I’ve been really enjoying the posts at the KMS Woodworks Blog. This recent post focuses on spending a fews days over spring break in their small cabin with the kids. One of the new experiences was adjusting to living with a sawdust toilet. Adjusting to a Small Cabin

Working from (tiny) home

James and Kristen have made the move to Austin, TX and are now on the edge of a very nice little trailer park facing some woods. This is a photo of their home office. You can also follow them on Facebook. Working from (tiny) home

Tiny House in Oaxaca

I ran across the blog of Mark Grossman and family this past week. It’s a wonderful journal that captures the step-by-step process building a tiny earthen home in Oaxaca, Mexico. I’ve not gotten through all his posts yet, which date back to 2007, but it definitely worth some time if you dream of a lifestyle […]

Tiny Dome in Terlingua, Texas

Terlingua, Texas is a remote part of southwest Texas near the Mexican border. Pictured here is a tiny dome structure currently under construction. The blog that is recording the construction story is also filled with interesting ways of adapting to such an extreme desert region and living very close to the edge. Tiny Dome in […]

Tammy & Logan on Peak Moment Television

Tammy and Logan talk about the reasons they chose to live a simple minimalist life with the folks from Peak Moment Television. One of the side effects of living a simple, car-free life has been complete debt reduction and the savings to build their own tiny home. Tammy & Logan on Peak Moment Television

The Simple Life in a Yurt

One of my regular readers, EJ, passed this New York Times story onto me. It’s a wonderful simple living lifestyle story of two people starting a family in a remote part of the world. Their home is simple, a Mongolian-style yurt with no running water and a 3 mile walk to the nearest store in […]

Ryo’s $600 Hut

Here’s a modern day homesteading story of a man buying 60-acres in northern California and building himself a simple $600 tiny house. He’s just getting started and recording his adventure and life on his blog, Laptop and a Rifle. I first spotted this story on Tiny House Blog. Ryo’s $600 Hut

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