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Free Campsites

If you like to travel in your tiny house, trailer, van, or RV you might want to check out for your next boondocking location. “ is dedicated to becoming the primary source for information on free campgrounds and boondocking locations in the United States and Canada.” Look for Free Campsites.

Canopy & Stars

If you are planning a holiday in the UK and prefer a simpler lifestyle, you might want to check out the vacation rentals Canopy & Stars offers. There are quite a wide variety of tiny spaces available like shepherd huts, domes, and tents. I first spotted this on Shedworking. Canopy & Stars

Planes, Trains, and Trailers

Tiny houses can take many forms. I was fully reminded of this when I saw this post on unusual lodging options around the world. Planes, Trains, and Trailers

Rooftop Trailer Park

OK… this is just weird, but I like it. It’s a cluster of seven Airstream trailers on the roof of the Grand Daddy Hotel in South African. While this kind of turns my stomach a little I must admit I like the idea of extending habitable space but using small modular units. I would just […]

Tidal Wave Proof Tiny House

OK… not really… well maybe… actually I bet this is tidal wave proof. It’s a tiny hotel accommodation currently in the Netherlands made from an oil rig escape pod. So on your next trip abroad be on the lookout for odd places to stay… you never know what kind of tiny little place you might […]

Everland Portable Hotel

It seems like you never quite know where this tiny portable hotel will show up. It’s sat on top of an ancient museum in Germany, had a view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and been on a luxury hotel in Tokyo. It’s a cool small design built originally as an installation art project by […]

Tiny Hotel in Germany

Here’s an interesting idea for some simple lodging. It’s a tiny room for rent in Germany that’s not much bigger than a bed. For the frugal traveler this might be just the right fit. Tiny Hotel in Germany

French Cube is coming to North America

This is a great little vacation rental concept out of France that will soon be available in the US and Canada. It’s a self contained tiny house that can be transported to it’s final site in one piece and setup with just a little effort. French Cube

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