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New Book by Dan Price – My Tiny House

A new ebook by Dan Price is now available. “After 15 years of living in tiny shelters, itinerant artist Dan Price settled into an 80 square foot underground room with one skylight and one small door.” Learn more at Moonlight Chronicles!

Tiny House in a Barn

Nick Weston, the author or The Treehouse Diaries: How to Live Wild in the Woods, has moved out of his treehouse in England and has setup a new humble living space inside an old barn. By comparison he’s now living a modern life with electricity, a gas stove, and running water (just outside from a […]

Jay Shafer in the Cover of Parade Magazine

Jay Shafer, of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, is featured on the cover of Parade Magazine this week. This is the magazine you’ll find inside many Sunday newspapers and has an estimated readership of 70 million people. It’s always great news for the tiny house movement when one of us is featured so prominently in the main […]

Tiny Yellow House – Episode 1

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen is starting to put together a regular television-like online show focused on tiny houses. The first episode features his tiny Hickshaw. You can learn more about Deek and this house at his blog, RelaxShax.

Architect Roland Fabiani

Roland posted a link to his first tiny house design on my Facebook Page. It’s a beautiful garden house with walls that tip outward for a whimsical look. Architect Roland Fabiani

DIY-Prefab by Malcolm A. White

One of my long-time readers, Malcolm A. White, has years of experience in construction & design that he is now sharing through his new blog DIY-Prefab. In fact I don’t think my own ebook, Tiny Prefab, would be nearly as complete had it not been for all of Malcolm’s feedback and input. If you have […]

Greg Johnson Featured in Natural Home Magazine

Greg Johnson, co-founder of the Small House Society and author of Put Your Life On a Diet is featured in the current issue of Natural Home Magazine. It’s always great to see tiny houses and the folks that exemplify the virtues of simple living spotlighted in main stream publications. Greg Johnson Featured in Natural Home […]

Jenna Woginrich

Jenna Woginrich is living the life many of us dream about; she’s creating a sustainable and self-sufficient life by homesteading. In addition to her work on her small farm she keeps very busy writing for Mother Earth News, Huffington Post, and her own blog, Cold Antler Farm. She’s also written a book called Made from […]

Old Fashion Simple Living

This isn’t really about a tiny house but instead old-fashion simple living. Dick and Bonnie Cain live out in a remote part of West Texas without running water, electricity, or any other modern amenities. They live like folks used to live back in the 1800s and their story is really inspiring. YouTube: Pioneer Couple

Michael Thompson’s Rammed Earth Buildings

A few weeks ago I drew up a 3D drawing of Michael Thompson’s rammed earth wall former and posted the drawings on Tiny House Design. He’s now getting more press for his low cost rammed earth homes and small buildings; read the full article in Eastern Daily Press. Read more at Shedworking Learn more about […]

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