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Safe Ground Cabin Prototype Unveiling this September

Helping to solve homelessness in Sacramento, California with tiny houses. “Safe Ground Prototype Cabin will be displayed at Cesar Chavez Park, Sacramentofrom September 19 through September 22. The Safe Ground 10 x 12 foot sleeping cabin design has been developed by a Safe Ground Volunteer Cabin Design Team consisting of Kerrin West of Studio 81, […]

Computer Lab in a Box

One of my regular readers, Dav, regularly sends me links to great finds on subjects like new energy technologies. This time he stumbled on the story of a cyber cafe built inside a shipping container that can be setup in developing countries. Great story Dav, thanks again for passing it along! Computer Lab in a […]

SingPeace! Gypsy Vardo

Pushkara Sally Ashford is on tour in this great little gypsy vardo that was hand crafted by long time tiny house builder Steve Habersetzer in collaboration with many other artisans. SingPeace! Gypsy Vardo

A House For Khayelitsha

Over the weekend I was contacted by a fellow named Neville Montgomery, a business owner in Cape Town, South Africa. He owns a high-end retail store in downtown Cape Town and has an employee that came to him asking if he had any spare plastic tarp she could use on her house to keep the […]

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