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Lighthouse by Camera Buildings

With loft, bathroom, kitchen, living and work space options, the Lighthouse is a fully functional building designed for one or two people. Well-insulated and weather tight, it is ready for four-season use while windows and skylights provide ample daylight and ventilation.” – Prefab Camera Buildings See more of this Prefab Building

Tiny House Arc Prefab Home is Now Available

A new prefab tiny house is now available for order. “Bellomo Architects’ modular House Arc, which was just a prototype before, is now actually being fabricated. The House Arc can now be ordered online and shipped to any location, where it can be assembled by the user or community.” via Bellomo Architects’ Tiny House Arc […]

House Arc

At $55,000 this small structure is more expensive than most people want to spend, but it’s definitely a cool design. “Bellomo Architects, in Palo Alto, wanted to design an IKEA-like house, only easier to put together. Just like the Swedish company’s famous furniture, this 150 square foot modular structure can be flat-packed and delivered in […]

GreenOx Sheds for Tiny Houses

A new prefab shed on the market that might make a good tiny house. This one is only 8×8 but other models are said to be coming soon. This one was spotted at a Lowes in Colorado. “The price for that 8×8 model is $2,800. A bit pricy maybe but a trade off with ease […]

Zero Series Prefab from Studio 101

Architect Michelle Kaufman has just announced three new modern prefab homes available through Studio 101 Designs. They will be built by Blazer Industries and one of them, called the vista0™ v2, is only 422 square feet that costs in the neighborhood of $66,500. Zero Series Prefab from Studio 101

LV Open House

Rocio Romero is hosting an open house on June 12, 2010 in Perryville, Missouri. She is the architect behind the LV series small prefab homes. While not tiny, at 1150 square feet, this modern home is still very affordable and the design flexible allowing for a lot of personalization. She also offers a smaller 625 square […]

Tammy Strobel on Rented Spaces

Tammy from Rowdy Kittens has a new blogging gig at Aol’s Rented Spaces where she’s been writing about simple living in small spaces. Her latest post is on a Tiny Prefab apartment building project in Berkeley and San Francisco. You can also read about this particular prefab apartment at Tiny House Blog. Tammy Strobel on […]

Ideabox Urban Prefabs

Ideabox has launched a series of little Urban Prefabs that range in size from about 600 to 800 square feet. These look like a good option for those looking for something a bit more turn-key. Ideabox Urban Prefabs

IKEA Modular Dwellings on Tour

I’m looking forward to seeing these prefab houses in person when they come to my town. I’ll definitely be posting photos on Tiny House Design mid-March. IKEA Modular Dwellings

DIY-Prefab by Malcolm A. White

One of my long-time readers, Malcolm A. White, has years of experience in construction & design that he is now sharing through his new blog DIY-Prefab. In fact I don’t think my own ebook, Tiny Prefab, would be nearly as complete had it not been for all of Malcolm’s feedback and input. If you have […]

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