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DoubleBack – A Sliding Extension VW Van

Solar Burrito posted this on Facebook. Very cool extension for a VW camper. “Overlander Motorhomes is presenting how it sees as the rational compliment to the pop top – it is the DoubleBack, a sliding insulated pod so extends the interior length of Volkwagen‘s T5 Transporter van.” Learn more about the DoubleBack – VW’s Sliding Extension […]

Tiny House in a Box

This is a clever creation.  Like a Swiss Army Knife the SwissRoomBox provides multiple tools for living in one compact package. It’s intended to turn any vehicle with a hatchback into a camper. Lots of interesting space saving ideas here. Thanks again for the great link Dav! Tiny House in a Box

Off Road Campers

Australian Off Road Campers builds some extreme camping trailers that can be taken to remote locations across very rough terrain. Be sure to watch their videos to see the kind of rough roads these little trailers can traverse. Off Road Campers

Green RV of the Year

Roaming Times, an RV review website, has named the Earthbound RV as the Green RV of the year. I don’t usually cover trailers or RVs but this one looked worth a quick peek. Green RV of the Year

Trailer Concept

Now here’s an idea that had a lot of promise. I wonder why it never took off? I ran across this video while researching ways of building ultralight tiny houses. Trailer Concept

1937 Ford Housecar

This little truck is not a custom job but a factory built 1937 Ford. Although it might as well be a custom job because only 6 were built in 1937 at the Ford plant in St. Paul, Minnesota. Really amazing to see an early motorhome in such amazing condition. It’s also great inspiration for dreaming […]

Retro Trailers

I’ve really enjoyed some of the recent retro travel trailer posts on Tiny House Blog. These teardrop trailer designs are really incredible and they pack a lot of function into so little space. Teardrop Trailer Gatherings Retro Traveler

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