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Should a $5,000 Shed Be Used as a Tiny House?

Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen shares his thoughts and experience on using inexpensive sheds as tiny houses… when to do it, when not to do it, and what to look out for in materials and quality. For more from Deek subscribe to the Relaxshacks YouTube Channel and be sure to check out his workshops at if you […]

An Old-Time Garden Shed

The shed’s rectangular footprint measures 8 ft. 6 in. by 12 ft. 6 in.; a 4-ft.- 6-in.-deep porch faces the yard. Stick-framed with 2x4s, the shed is sheathed with 1×10 pine boards applied diagonally and exposed on the inside as finished walls. All 12 windows are made from recycled sash. An extrawide pull-down stair leads […]

Powering your shed – We love sheds

Kevin from the Solar Shed wrote this guest post for We Love Sheds. “Over the years, Shed men and women have often pondered as to how to power up their wooden edifices, and be able to see when its dark, stay warm in the winter when preparing the ‘plot’, make a brew and all the other […]

Update On A Japanese Style Shed

Alt. Build Blog has an update on a Japanese Style Shed they reported on a while back. One of the more popular posts in this blog has been A Japanese Style Shed, and we were recently given a tour by the current owners of the property, and got to see the many improvements they have added. Read more […]

The winner of shed of the year 2012 – is the pub shed “Woodhenge” owned by John Plumridge — – We love sheds

“John tells me he’s not finished yet – so I look forward to seeing the additions and no idea what he’s going to to with his other sheds” Read more at The winner of shed of the year 2012 – is the pub shed “Woodhenge” owned by John Plumridge —

GreenOx Sheds for Tiny Houses

A new prefab shed on the market that might make a good tiny house. This one is only 8×8 but other models are said to be coming soon. This one was spotted at a Lowes in Colorado. “The price for that 8×8 model is $2,800. A bit pricy maybe but a trade off with ease […]

More sheds than households in UK says new report

I think this new report from Screwfix confirms my suspicion that tiny outbuildings are much more popular in the UK than America. It’s estimated that there are as many as 30 million outbuildings in Britain, which is more than the total number of households. More sheds than households in UK says new report

Shedworking on BBC Breakfast

Just to give you a peek inside the shed craze in the UK… the BBC recently covered the popularity of shedworking in a recent broadcast. Shedworking on BBC Breakfast

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