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Powering your shed – We love sheds

Kevin from the Solar Shed wrote this guest post for We Love Sheds. “Over the years, Shed men and women have often pondered as to how to power up their wooden edifices, and be able to see when its dark, stay warm in the winter when preparing the ‘plot’, make a brew and all the other […]

MTU Researcher Develops Low Cost Integrated PVT System

Small solar ideas for distributed energy solutions from Michigan Technological University. “Tiny houses don’t have much room on their tiny roofs, and that’s a problem when it comes to finding space for solar panels, let alone a combined solar power system that can generate both electricity and heat. However, help is on the way in […]

Off-Grid Cooling – Pepino II

John Wells at The Field Lab has been busy reworking the design for the off-grid swamp cooler he calls the Pepino II. This time around he’s using an Igloo cooler as the housing. Off-Grid Cooling – Pepino II

15 Days No Water

It’s easy to take things for granted that rarely fail us, like running water. I recently ran across a post that served as a good reminder. It listed 10 lessons learned while living without water for 15 days. 15 Days No Water

Living Earth Structures

I always learn new stuff while reading Lloyd Kahn’s blog. This week I spotted this funky little tiny house built by the folks at Living Earth Structures in Petaluma, California. These folks build all sorts of earthen structures including benches, walls, ovens, and houses. They also offer adobe and cob workshops for those who want […]

Alternative Energy on a Tiny Scale

This might seem a little off-topic at first but I’ve been getting some great suggestions from a regular reader about small scale sustainable energy. Here are a few recent solutions that might work great for those searching for ways of powering a simple and sustainable lifestyle. Thanks again Dave! Bike Electric Generator Bike Powered Machines […]

A Guide To Buying Energy Efficient Windows

One of my favorite non-tiny house blogs is The Good Human. This article on windows was a guest post by Nan Fischer a Green Real Estate expert who lives in Taos, New Mexico. The Good Human is definitely a blog to bookmark. A Guide To Buying Energy Efficient Windows

The Field Lab – Update

John Wells at The Field Lab has been making slow steady progress on his greenhouse. His home is a tiny 8′ by 16′ tiny house specially built to survive the extreme heat the southwestern Texas desert can deliver. His greenhouse will be made from shipping containers with a roof of welded steel trusses. He’s doing […]

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