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Nomads Nest by Wind River Tiny Homes

There are a bunch of very nice details inside Nomads Nest by Wind River Tiny Homes. I really like the lidded bathtub and kitchen sink. The house was built on a gooseneck trailer, features a real lower level bedroom, kitchen, bath, and open living space. “We can build from pre-existing plans (ours and those found […]

Cliff Hanging Cliff Dwellings. Climb Up. Zipline Down

What an incredible idea! Got cliff? Build a tiny cliffhanger house. The commute would be rough, so maybe working from home would be the way to go. These incredible tiny dwellings are located in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru and available for adventurers to spend the night. Each capsule is 24-feet long, 8-feet wide and […]

Modular Shelter That Can Be Assembled by 2 People in under 30 Minutes

Be sure to watch the assembly video. Compassion Shelter’s Cabin is a sturdy, weather- and disaster-tested shelter unit that is perfect for any environment. The Cabin is a comfortable, insulated building that includes air conditioning and heating. Natural lighting is provided by two windows. Inside, the cabin has enough room to fit 6 bunks. The […]

Curved Roof Tiny House Under Construction – Incredible Carpentry!

This tiny house, designed by Lucy Neely and Zephyr Quirk, built from trees Neely milled from her parents’ property, will become their home once it is transported to the Bay Area.” – Karen Rifkin for Ukiah Daily Journal Read more about this tiny house project at the Ukiah Daily Journal. Can’t wait to see this house […]

Ark by Zyl Vardos

Functional, well-built AND artistically cohesive tiny houses. Zyl Vardos can build a house from a previous design OR create a totally unique house. We specialize in handmade windows and doors, curved rooflines, off-grid systems, and interior furnishings.” –  Zyl Vardos See more of the amazing tiny homes by Zyl Vardos. You can also find Zyl Vardos on Facebook.

Tiny Home Build Weekend – August 8 & 9, 2015

Can you build a house in one weekend? Volunteers from Foundations for Tomorrow along with the Alabama Center for Sustainable Energy are doing just that as they show residents how to build and power a tiny home in just two days in Sci-Quests parking lot.” – Sci-Quest, Hands-on Science Center Learn more about the Tiny Home Build […]

10×16 Tiny House “Shed” in Vermont

Rich in Vermont built this tiny 10×16 shed. This photo was taken in 2013. Here’s what he said when he posted the photo. I’m done with clapboard! Well, not entirely, but I need a couple of doors on the shed before that can happen. The second coat of paint is on, but the trim paint […]

EVENT: Tiny House Jamboree Starts in One Week

Calling all tiny house and small living enthusiasts! You’re invited to the first-ever national Tiny House Jamboree™! @The Western Museum of Mining and Industry; 225 North Gate Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80921″ – Tiny House Jamboree Learn all about Tiny House Jamboree

Freedom Yurt-Cabins

Solid walls, an integrated flooring system, real insulation, house windows, roundwood frame and rafters, and a wood ceiling with a tongue and groove look give the Yurt-Cabin a distinctive cabin feel. And it’s engineered for strength and longevity. And assembly is about as easy as it gets with the Yurt-Cabin’s built-in floor system and bolt-together […]

Which Curved Roof Appeals to You Most?

Here are four examples of tiny houses with curved roofs – but all approach the curve from a slightly different direction. The snow-bound tiny house near Lake Tahoe has a more traditional arched roof, like a shepherd’s hut. The modern Leaf House has a curve that goes from front to back making it more aerodynamic and voluminous […]

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