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Love the shape and alternative construction method of this tiny building. “Shropshire-based MorphPODs offer two timber garden office designs for shedworkers. There’s the the MorphPOD 2.2 (2.2 metres wide, x 3.3m long internal) which is largely built in their workshop and delivered by lorry or trailer, with optional bolt-on wheels so it can be moved […]

Hornby Island Caravans

Some incredible tiny homes coming out of Hornby Island Caravans. See more photos of the home pictured here. “…here I am building caravans, with the help of my husband Lawrence Nyberg, who lends a hand when it’s  needed, acts as a sounding board for my ideas and is a great support in general- he is […]

I’m Stuck in a Seattle Tiny House and I Can’t Get Out!

Schlage, the lock manufacturing company, working with Young & Laramore, an advertising agency, came up with this brilliant marketing campaign that featured a tiny house at it’s core… a tiny house by Seattle Tiny Homes. Adrienne from Young & Laramore told me: “We partnered with Seattle Tiny Homes to lock a guy in a house […]

Artist Studio Shed with Finished Interior by Historic Shed

Very nicely done art studio. Looks perfectly habitable to me! “A recent Historic Shed project was designed for the owner to use as a watercolor painting studio. At 10′x10′, the shed did not require a building permit in the City of St. Petersburg.” via Artist Studio Shed with Finished Interior by Historic Shed | Historic […]

Seattle Tiny Homes in the News

Get the back-story behind Seattle Tiny Homes. “After years spent as a private contractor drawing floor plans for regular-sized homes, Sharon Read started Seattle Tiny Homes, a company that specializes in eco-friendly high-end miniature homes. Sharon Read, founder of Seattle Tiny Homes, places dishes in the dining area in the Ballard model home that she […]

Tiny House Sneak Preview – August 11, 2012

Little House on the Trailer is having a special open house event. “You’re invited to the Sneak Preview of our new display unit on Saturday, August 11th! Refreshments will be served at our display yard, 1840 Petaluma Blvd. North, Saturday, August 11th from 10:00 to 4:00. Come see the new display unit and discuss plans for your […]

360 Degree Tiny House Tour

Take a look at this cool Little House on The Trailer 360-degree tour. “A few years ago our neighbors 360 NorCal did a 360-tour of all of our buildings in our display yard! It featured some of our most beautiful houses, including our San Antonio House, Pierce Point Cottage, two AROYOs and the Art Gallery.” […]

Rotunda Living

A new tiny house builder in the UK specializes in yurt inspired round houses. “Rotunda Living is now up and running for those of you with a penchant for circular shedworking. Pictured above and below is their first 4m pod, modelled by the company’s founder Gemma Roe and her new baby, which you can now […]

Namekagon Cabins

An introduction to Namekagon Cabins, a manufacturer of park model & sleeping cabins located in Northern Wisconsin: “The Park Models start out at $34,000.00 and are generally used as a part time seasonal home. They are built with standard construction methods, 2 x 4 walls, 2 x 8 floor joists and engineered roof trusses. Interior […]

Tennessee Tiny Homes

An introduction to a new tiny house company, Tennessee Tiny Homes, and their first tiny house. “Its on a 8 ft x 16 ft heavy duty 10,000 lb tandem axle trailer. It was framed using only new premium lumber. It has cedar siding and industrial strength heavy gage aluminum on the roof. Everything was screwed and […]

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