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Treehouse for Play

While this is a treehouse designed for kids, it’s a really inspiring design. I suspect it’s not completely practical with the translucent fiberglass cladding but the design was so well done I just had to share it with you. It was designed by Canadian designer Nicko Björn Elliott. Treehouse for Play

Treehouses by Blue Forest

Here’s a post on Dornob with 20 whimsical treehouses designed and built by Blue Forest. Some of them are for kids, some for adults, and some are not exactly tiny but they are all definitely worth a look. Treehouses by Blue Forest

Dans mon arbre

Dans mon arbre is a treehouse company in Grenoble, France. Each treehouse they build is one of a kind and designed for each individual tree and client. I was really impressed with all the different designs they’ve come up with so far and the high level of craftmanship. The treehouse pictured here is especially cool […]

Don Botsford’s Treehouse

Here’s another great treehouse from the Monday Morning Treehouse series on This Tiny House. It’s the treehouse of Don Botsford in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Don actually has two treehouses on his 20-acre property which he bought back in 1975 and turned into a nature preserve. Don Botsford’s Treehouse

Crystal River Tree House

Green Line Architects has really come up a great whimsical tree house. This one was designed as a sanctuary for kids of all ages. I’m sure it wasn’t inexpensive to build but it sure is inspiring. Crystal River Tree House

Nick Weston’s Treehouse

This is Nick Weston’s home in West Sussex. It’s an experiment in sustainable living, a cozy tree house, and the simple life of a modern hunter-gatherer. Read about Nick’s adventures on his blog at Nick Weston’s Treehouse

Baumraum’s Treehouse

Baumraum builds another incredible treehouse. While this one is featured on Inhabitots it could easily be a treehouse for adults too. Baumraum’s Treehouse

10 Cool Treehouses

I stumbled on a new blog this week called TheCoolist and found an article on 10 cool treehouses. 10 of the Coolist Treehouses

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