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‘Tiny Living’ Plans Updated

Dan Louche has updated his ‘Tiny Living’ house plans package. “The updates are mostly minor and include: A front storage loft was added Additional dimensions and notes added to the plans Some redundant pages removed from the plans Minor corrections and updates to the materials list including current prices” via ‘Tiny Living’ Plans Updated

Top 5 Biggest Barriers To The Tiny House Movement

Ryan noodles over the barriers to tiny house living. Suggest ways of overcoming these obstacles in the comments on his blog. “Why does it have to be so difficult to achieve the life so many of us would love to live?  There are no simple answers to our reasons, but we need to face them […]


Nice to see such small thinking. After all sometimes it takes less to think more. “There now exists in the world a house that measures one square meter. The aptly named One-Sqm-House was designed and conceived by Berlin-based architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel as a place where ‘no one other than I, myself, can decide what […]

The Yorkshire Hut Company

The Yorkshire Hut Company is a family owned business that handcrafts these incredible shepherd huts in the UK. The Yorkshire Hut Company

Organizing a Tiny House Meetup in Charlotte, NC

Ryan, from, is organizing a tiny house meetup in Charlotte, North Carolina. He’s already lined up some great potential tours and topics. He’s still looking for people that are interested in contributing or participating. Get in touch with Ryan through his blog. Organizing a Tiny House Meetup in Charlotte, NC

Tiny House Meets

Kent, over at Tiny House Blog, started this recent online conversation about organizing tiny house meetups. As the tiny house movement grows it makes sense to move the conversations offline. Tiny House Meets

Full-Size Caboose Kits

David, one of my readers, sent me a link to Dogpatch and Western Railroad. They build a full-size caboose replica kits. While the idea of using a real retired caboose seems like a good idea, the logistics of transporting them to the building site can be cost prohibitive, which makes a kit like this very […]

East Village Studio Apartment

This studio apartment design makes clever use of a small space by adding some custom built-ins including a loft bed, storage shelves, kitchen, and bath. Thanks again for the tip Jay, great interior design find! East Village Studio Apartment

Naked Snapper by Tortoise Shell Homes

Bill Kastrinos at Tortoise Shell Homes has been busy developing a longer steel framed tiny house. He calls it the Naked Snapper because it’s a naked shell ready to be completed by the buyer. Bill can finish it up for you or you can buy it as a DIY project. It measures 28-feet long and […]


Another new small prefab builder is now up and running and offering their steel-framed wood-clad, buildings for sale. The price of a complete unit installed is about $16,500, but do-it-yourselfers should check into the kits which cost much less. Yardpods is located in San Rafael, CA. Yardpods

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