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SHED – Seattle Architects

SHED is an architectural firm in Seattle with a portfolio that includes several small space designs. The garage conversion pictured here is what caught my eye. Many of the homes you’ll see on their website are not tiny, but I liked seeing an architectural firm open to small spaces. SHED

Container Cabin

Remote cabins must often be secured while the owner is away to prevent loss of valuables and damage. This little container cabin offers a very practical and secure living space solution. It also shows what can be done with an 8×20 shipping container and some ingenuity. Container Cabin Container Cabin on YouTube

InterModal Design – Container Cabins

Small homes made from shipping containers have become increasingly popular. As a result of demand Hive Modular has launched a new company called InterModal Design that now offers six container cabin designs. InterModal Design – Container Cabins

Nano Living Systems

This is a newcomer to the small green home landscape. It’s a 200 square foot home that is carefully designed to provide space for a family of four. I like the concept and am looking forward to seeing it become a reality. Nano Living Systems


The Microlodge is conceived to be a vacation rental unit or camping alternative and is made in the UK. It’s a refreshing new take on the shape of what a cabin can be. Microlodge

Mobile Log Cabins

One of my readers, Schaun, saw one of these rolling down the highway in Colorado and later sent me a tip on this tiny house manufacturer. They don’t provide a lot of information on their website but they the cabins look like the real deal mounted on something like a mobile home trailer. So for […]

One Cool Habitat

This New Zealand company, One Cool Habitat, is shipping these little tiny container homes to people around the world. Prices start at around $30,000 US. One Cool Habitat


This novel modern mushroom prototype is located in Ritten, Italy and was designed by Werner Aisslinger of Studio Aisslinger in Berlin. The design is intended to be extremely low impact and can even be disassembled for relocation to other building sites. FINCUBE

Taliesin Shelters

These amazing little buildings were created by students of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and if you’re ever in the area of Taliesin West you can take the Desert Shelter Tour and get a close-up look. I first saw this on Shedworking. Taliesin Shelters

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