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The Shepherd’s Rest

The Shepherd’s Rest, located in the UK, builds shepherds huts similar to those that were used for centuries in rural England. These are built with new materials and to a very high level of quality. The Shepherd’s Rest

Ecospace – Extreme Tiny House Luxury

Here’s a tiny house for those who crave luxury and have the money to afford it. It costs about $55,000 and features a green roof, SIP (structural insulated panel) construction, and environmentally friendly building materials. Ecospace is located in London. Ecospace – Extreme Luxury

Cove Park

This is an excellent example of how the industrial character of shipping containers can be subdued by a natural setting, and a little dirt sprinkled on top… ha-ha. This is Cove Park in Scotland. Cove Park

Ecospace Workpod

Very nice little backyard home office built by Ecospace available in the UK. It features a nice modern design, ample insulation, double glazed glass windows, and fairly quick setup. Ecospace Workpod

A Tiny Clever Home

CleverHomes is producing a small 480 square foot prefab home designed to serve as a low maintenance cabin or guest house. A Tiny Clever Home

Zoe Outdoors

One of my readers, Rich, pointed this Oregon based tiny house builder out to me. From the look of things they offer a wide range of small cottages at reasonable prices. Many of the designs look like traditional cottages, not all look like this hobbit house inspired house. Thanks again Rich! Zoe Outdoors

Passive Solar Cottage

It’s always exciting to see one of my tiny house plans built. This house, built by Mike Irish in Oregon, was inspired by my Tiny Solar House with Gables but is 6-feet longer measuring 8′ by 26′. You can download my free plans from Tiny House Design. Passive Solar Cottage

DIY Rammed Earth Manual Available: March 1, 2010

Michael Thompson, the rammed earth home builder, will be releasing a book on March 1, 2010.  This is sure to be an excellent resource for anyone considering building their own rammed earth home. DIY Rammed Earth Manual

Floating Home

This tiny floating house actually the artwork of Hong Kong artist Kacey Wong. One of my readers, Mark, passed this onto me and I have to say it gave me quite a good laugh. The air conditioner was a nice touch. Thanks again Mark! Floating Home

Tiny House Reclaimed

Here’s a nice example of how an old house can be brought back to life. It’s 400 square feet and was brought back from the brink of demolition by a company called Reclaimed Space. Tiny House Reclaimed

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