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Guodros Medis in Lithuania

I was recently introduced to this tiny house builder in Lithuania. They sell many small log homes that can serve as wooden summerhouses, garden houses, chalets, garages, and saunas. Using Google Translate you can read their website in English (although for some reason the images get turned off). Guodros Medis in Lithuania

M112 Pods

This is a tiny 1:12 scale replica (toy size) of a shipping container tiny house. There probably aren’t too many kids as fascinated with tiny houses as there are adults… but if you have one you might want to pick on of these up. M112 Pods

Katy’s Vardo

Katy Anderson and Dee Williams are launching a new tiny house business, The Portland Little House Construction Co. Both Katy and Dee have a lot of tiny house living and building experience and I suspect the homes they build will rival Tumbleweed Tiny Houses in quality but will have a style all of their own. […]

Green Clayton i-House Set in Kentucky

This is a story of a homeowner installing a small prefab home. The Clayton Homes i-House is a modern factory-built home that isn’t exactly tiny (starts at about 700 square feet) but seems like a good solution for many people so I wanted to include it here this week. Green Clayton i-House Set in Kentucky

Breathe Easy Cabin

Tiny Green Cabins has a new cabin design available called the Breathe Easy Cabin. It measures 8′ by 15′ and has a road height of 13′ 5″. Here’s what they say on their website about it: This cabin is designed and built as a toxic free green small house or cabin. The materials used are […]

These Bunkies Avoid Building Permits

I always like to hear about folks finding creative ways of solving housing needs. It’s not the beating the system part that interests me, although too often it seems like that is a requirement, which is really sad. Shouldn’t building codes be designed to protect folks… not limit or exclude folks? This article on Tiny […]

Tiny House Zoning Success Story

Here’s a great story about some folks in Washington state getting approval for a tiny house community by showing their local planning department how multiple small homes are not really much different from an apartment complex in terms of units-per-acre and square-feet-per-unit. When a property is zoned multi-family a community of tiny houses can be […]

sipsFORM Sustainable Buildings

There are some easy to build, sustainable, and small structures coming out of the UK. They are built from structural insulated panels and you can see several of their designs on the sipsFORM website. sipsFORM Sustainable Buildings

Tiny House for Rent in Washington DC

If you’re looking for a place to rent in the Washington DC area you might want to check out this tiny house. The interior space is 252 square feet and will be available starting November 1st. I really wonder why more landlords haven’t jumped on the tiny house bandwagon. It seems like there would be […]

The Grub Shack

I’m an avid follower of the events unfolding at The Field Lab in southwest Texas. John Wells has been making steady progress on welding up the steel arches for his 4-shipping container based green house. John regularly mentions the important things in his life, his friend Benita (a volunteer pet longhorn), and his favorite local […]

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