Catskills Gingerbread House

I received several tips from readers about this amazing little catskills gingerbread house this past week. I also saw it posted on many other blogs further illustrating how positively this little house resonated with people.

The story originated in the New York Times. The house measures 9′ by 14′ and is a renovated hunting cabin in the Catskills. The rustic and elegant victorian finish grabs the attention immediately but it’s the frugal $3,000 cost of the renovation that really makes this project stand out from the rest. Special thanks to Wiley, Kristen, and EJ for each sending me a tip about this great little house this past week.

Catskills Gingerbread House

2 thoughts on “Catskills Gingerbread House”

  1. LOVE IT! It’s exactly what I’d want except I’d want a table to write on in it. I also really love how she covered all the books in the white. I wish there were a close up photo of how she put the titles on them. I wonder what the inside of their trailer looks like?

  2. This design is catching and worth close examination. I imagine similar designs would be widely appealing to many, especially women. It certainly captures that fairy tale look.

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