CNN Asks – Is It Possible to Live Large in a Small Space?

If you’re a tiny/small house dweller CNN would like to tell your story.

“If you live in 500 square feet or less, we want to hear from you …we just launched on CNN iReport inviting people to share their photos and stories of living in small spaces. I figured it would be perfect for your audience and wanted to invite you to spread the word on the Tiny House Blog!”

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One thought on “CNN Asks – Is It Possible to Live Large in a Small Space?

  1. Peter Roberts says:

    One can certainly “live large” in a tiny home. My own home is less than 500 square feet, and it gives me all the room I need. I find it helps a lot if you have an actual bathroom (I even have a full size washer & dryer!). My own home is made from a novel masonry system I am developing; it continues to evolve. Living in a tiny home with new technology is very rewarding and exciting.

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