1. Oh my gosh, I mean it’s nice, but should never have cost 22,000! Not even a fourth of that.

    1. I’ve seen folks build homes as low as $8,000, but the average seems to be around $22K for a DIY tiny house. Things add up; the big expenses are the trailer, windows, interior finishings, and of course all the building materials. Some folks save money using reclaimed materials, but you often save time and labor by buying new.

      In the end a tiny house costs what you put into it. If you can afford $22K, your decisions are often directed by that limit. If you can afford only $8K, you make different decisions.

  2. My daughter is considering doing this instead of getting an apartment for college and then she’ll have a house for after college as well. What are some of the other features, do you have more pix? How did you add the shower?

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