Container Home Rooms Slide In/Out on Tracks

The Shipping Container Home was still a new concept when Chrissie designed and built this prototype for her Architectural Thesis project. The home is made from a 20′ container and “expands” to be a 250sq.ft living space. When the home is not in use, or for shipping, the “rooms” slide into the container on tracks; a process that takes one person about three minutes.” – Chrissie Beavis

via Container Home.

3 thoughts on “Container Home Rooms Slide In/Out on Tracks”

  1. I LOVE these and fantasize about creating a shipping crate home -wonderful!

  2. Viviana Valdez

    Hi I attend a construction high school and We were challenged this year to make a shipping container pop out. I was wondering how can I get in touch with the builder?

    Please respond as soon as you can thank you

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