Wouldn’t it be Cool to Live in a Hobbit Town?

The Hobbit scenes from Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy were filmed on a hillside lot in Matamata, New Zealand. Now the little Hobbit Homes have become a tourist attraction, but also they became homes for some of the sheep from a nearby farm. The interiors of these white structures were never finished because the scenes shot inside were actually filmed on a studio set.” – Freshome

See more of these Cute Lord of the Rings Hobbit Houses in New Zealand.

6 thoughts on “Wouldn’t it be Cool to Live in a Hobbit Town?”

  1. Ray an kay Harwood

    are there plans some where on how to build or blue prints on how to make

      1. The Extended DVD version of LOTR Fellowship of the Ring has lots of drawings & photos of Bilbo’s house including a brief view of the plan in the Appendices (special features disks)

  2. I want to see what they look like inside? How big are they? It looks like they are built into the hill side. Can I get information on these homes?

  3. when i visited the site a few years ago, you could only go in one hobbit hole, Bilbo/Frodo’s hole, (even though there are quite a few scattered over the hillside, the rest were just facades) and there was enough room for about 5 or 6 people to stand hunched over. kids love it though, just the right size for them!

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