Could This Flatpack House Be as Easy to Build as an IKEA Bookcase?

When I wake, I’m struck by two things. First, because the house is so small it doesn’t take long to warm up when I turn on the heater.

Second, while undoubtedly compact, the cabin holds a surprisingly large amount of my stuff. I could definitely imagine a single person or a couple living comfortably within it.

Is it better than a mobile home or a large caravan? The height of the roof means that it doesn’t feel at all cramped and it certainly looks and feels more permanent and homely.

If it’s to be a permanent home, rather than just temporary accommodation, then the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of a property is essential — you have to feel affection towards your house. Building it yourself and customising it definitely fosters those emotions. ” – Tom via Mail Online

Read the full story and ask yourself… Could YOU build a flatpack house? 

4 thoughts on “Could This Flatpack House Be as Easy to Build as an IKEA Bookcase?”

  1. Just some thoughts…

    I admire the ingenuity but, not to pick holes, I would be concerned with the roof; specifically the pseudo-fascia and the unusual trim on top along the gable-ends. I don’t think the materials (looks like rough cedar?) will hold up very long, esp. if you have bad winters.

    Second, why is the door so short? (Maybe you are 6-8 and it only appears short?) and where would you purchase an exterior door/jamb that size. From the framing shot I don’t see the need to make it shorter-than-normal.

    Also, I can understand the door opening out, rather than in, for space reasons, but I’ve never seen a residential framed door that worked this way, except in Florida, where it is common due to some kind of odd hurricane building code. Such a door is available, but expensive, and not secure, as the hinges are on the outside and easily un-pinned.

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